Psychologist Mariam Melkumyan has had an online meeting with the college lecturers and course masters of Shushi University of Technology today on November 9. The speaker has lectured on “Effective communication skills with teenagers” and has given  professional advice to the audience.

The psychologist has addressed the psychology of the teenager distinguishing it as the most critical of the age highlighting the main features, psychological problems and methods of solving them.

Based on the intensive physical and biological changes of a person during puberty, Mariam Melkumyan has said: “Existing physiological and hormonal changes, as well as the prevailing situation in the region, contribute to the formation of the worldview, thinking and, in general, primary values”.

Vice – rector of Student Affairs of the university Arevik Harutyunyan, welcoming the speaker and the participants, has noted that M. Melkumyan willingly has accepted the invitation to have another meeting.

News department of Shushi University of Technology  

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