An event dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the national hero Monte Melkonyan took place today at Shushi University of Technology under the title “If we lose Artsakh, we will turn the last page of Armenian history”. Rector Nver Mikayelyan, faculty and students of the university were present at the event.

The event was organized by Assistant lecturer of the Chair of Languages of the university Gayane Sargsyan with the participation of college students. “The purpose of the event is to arise patriotism in the younger generation following the example of heroes like Monte who sacrificed his life for the motherland as well as to acquaint them with the pages of our recent history”,- said G. Sargsyan.

Welcoming the attendees and introducing the hero as the brightest representative of the ideology of the Armenian army, Vice-rector of Academic Affairs Roza Avagyan noted: “Monte was truly a military leader with all the knowledge, courage and strong spirit of a military leader”.

The event was accompanied by musical and dance performances, the students made speeches about Monte’s life, activities, his heroic character and combat path appreciating his role and significance in Artsakh liberation war.

News department of Shushi University of Technology 

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