Living in Artsakh after the 44-day war has become a mission for Anahit Ohanyan. She moved to Stepanakert to use her experience and knowledge for the sake of Artsakh.

After graduating from the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia, Anahit began teaching at Gyurjyan Institute of Applied Arts. To her opinion, there is a lot to do in this sphere. “I must say that little attention was paid to design in Artsakh, as a branch of science, and in general, to the world of industrial design, as it seemed difficult and inaccessible to many people here. The Gyurjyan Institute of Art has been trying to fill this gap for years. Unfortunately, the war imposed on us left many initiatives incomplete. However, the university managed to achieve some success in the field of interior and exterior, as well as in the field of printing.”

“After the war, all the people of Artsakh must return to Artsakh and stand by the people of the country living here,”- said Anahit Ohanyan, a lecturer at the Department of “Design and Modeling” after Hakob Gyurjyan of Shushi University of Technology. “We try to improve the design requirements and to correspond them to the world demands. I suggest working together and contribute to the development of different branches of Artsakh production with our own design methods”.

Anahit Ohanyan is sure that we will succeed if we are united and everyone does his job with maximum responsibility. After all, patriotism is not only defending the homeland but also its strengthening through daily hard work.

News department of Shushi University of Technology

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