The Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Armenia granted the invention patent N 738Y to Shushi University of Technology in accordance with the law.

The invention relates to medicine, in particular to the combined anti-inflammatory creams.

The invention was made by Gagik Nersisyan and Anna Grigoryan.

The new anti-inflammatory cream with combined effect includes wax, lanolin, vaseline, glycerin, ginger and macula juices with the following proportion to the ingredients: bee wax -11.0-14.5%, Vaseline- 15.0-17.5%, glycerin- 7.5-9.5%, ginger juice- 11.0-14.5%,  macula juice- 11.0-14.5% and lanolin comprises the rest. The wax is taken in the form of 20% alcohol extract.

The cream aims to ensure full nourishment, smoothing, restoration and elasticity of the skin, as it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The cream expands the range of combined anti-inflammatory creams.

News department of Shushi University of Technology

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