Today, on September 4, a traditional lesson of courage was held at Shushi University of Technology, which was conducted by the acting head of the Department of the Humanities and Languages Mher Harutyunyan and the military Instructor Alexander Sahakyan.

Mher Harutyunyan first touched upon the importance of the proclamation of the Republic on September 2, 1992 and noted that in the current conditions, celebrating Republic Day means once again stating that we are faithful to the important political and legal act, provisions adopted 32 years ago and are determined to continue building our statehood, the sacred cause of preserving identity. “We start each of our academic year with a lesson of courage, once again assessing the combat path passed by our army and stating that each of us is ready to stand next to the army at the first call of the Motherland and jointly defend our Homeland,” he added. He stressed the role and importance of knowledge and education in the 21st century, the importance of mastering high technologies, which will increase the country’s chances of success in future wars.

Alexander Sahakyan, the military instructor of SHUT, congratulated the students on the beginning of the academic year and expressed hope that in the most difficult times in the country, students will be able to attend classes at the proper level and become citizens suitable for the country. “Students should understand how important it is to preserve the country and what is necessary for that,” A. Sahakyan noted.

At the end of the lesson, students were given the opportunity to raise questions to the speakers, who gave sufficient answers.

SHUT department of News and Public Relations

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