The sixth student scientific conference has started today at SHUT, the purpose of which is to promote the effective solution of the problems which education and the economy are facing in post-war Artsakh. “I am sure that the discussions that will take place within the framework of this conference will be interesting and useful, and for many participants will be the start for self-expression, the implementation of brilliant ideas, the achievement of professional success in the chosen field,” said Rector Nver Mikaelyan in his opening speech.

The official opening ceremony of the scientific conference attended also RA Minister of State Gurgen Nersisyan, members of the National Assembly and the Government. According to G. Nersisyan, it is necessary to revive the inner life of Artsakh, create conditions for the development of education and science. “We are trying to show the world through you that Artsakh is a place where science and education are a priority, and there are young people here whose primary goal is to receive education and knowledge, which today is one of the most important directions and forms of expression of civilization from the point of view of the civilized world and the international community,” G. Nersisyan said.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of SHUT Hovhannes Tokmajyan remotely greeted the participants of the sixth student conference from Yerevan. The conference was welcomed by the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Norayr Mkrtchyan. “We welcome the holding of the 6th student Conference in SHUT in a difficult and complicated military-political situation for Artsakh. This shows that our academic base not only continues to maintain its viability, but also strives to direct students who are taking their first steps in the scientific field to timely identify and assess problems that are important for our country.”

Students made presentations at the plenary session and afterwards the conference was continued in sections.

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