Twice hero of the Soviet Union, pilot Nelson Stepanyan would have celebrated 110th anniversary today.

Lecturer of the Chair of Languages of Shushi University of Technology Vera Khachaturyan has initiated a march to the park named after Nelson Stepanyan in Stepanakert with university students and lecturers who have paid their respects to pilot Nelson Stepanyan from Shushi by origin and have put flowers on his bust.

“We pay special respect to twice hero of the Soviet Union Nelson Stepanyan. It is the duty of all of us to always appreciate our hero, to remember his glorious path and deeds. Decades after his death, Nelson Stepanyan unites us all and gives us strength,”- V. Khachaturyan has said.

Chair of the Humanities Mher Harutyunyan has emphasized the heroic image of the legendary pilot and has spoken about his heroic path next to Stepanyan’s bust after which the students also have had speeches.

The event  has ended with national songs and the university students have performed a round dance around the hero’s monument.

  News department of Shushi University of Technology  

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