Faculty of Agriculture

Armanush A. Arakelyan


    Faculty of Agriculture in Shushi University of Technology (2016) was formed from the first days of the esablishment of the university(2016).Since 2018, the dean of the faculty has been candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor Armanush A. Arakelyan.

    The dean’s office of the faculty organizes the educational process works in 4 specialties and contains 8 educational programs: bachelor’s and in magistracy. Secondary professional education programs are also implemented in the faculty.

    The faculty is guided by student-centered approaches to education and encourages extracurricular learning, credible and end-to-end assessment. The selection of topics for final theses and master’s theses is underway in order to ensure their applicability in production. Masters students are involved in the field of agriculture to lead the research work leading researchers.