Military and sports demonstrative classes were held at Shushi University of Technology on the initiative of Head of Military and Sport Affairs Alexander Sahakyan which was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the national hero Monte Melkonyan and the first anniversary of the formation of the “Eagles of Artsakh” military-patriotic and sports NGO. 

Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Ivan Poghosyan and Chairman of Artsakh Public Council Armen Gevorgyan attended the event.

The military demonstrative classes were opened with a tribute to the memory of  those brave soldiers  who were martyred in Artsakhi wars after which the Chair of the Humanities Mher Harutyunyan highlighted this event and said: “Monte Melkonyan is one of those unique military figures who served our motherland not only with his military knowledge, courage and knowledge of martial arts, but also with his ideas and wise thoughts with which we will educate and bring many generations up for many centuries teaching them to be ready to sacrifice the most precious thing for the motherland – their life”.

During the sports training the participants performed all the tasks provided by the program: throwing grenades, shooting, providing first aid and other tactical physical exercises.

Head of Military and Sport Affairs Alexander Sahakyan noted: “The aim of the exercises is to contribute to the physical training of Armenian youth, the acquisition of military sports skills, the mastery of the rules of safe handling of weapons and the raising of the military-patriotic spirit”.

All participants were awarded certificates and gifts.

News department of Shushi University of Technology 

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