On April 11, at the initiative of the Student Council of the  University  and with the support of the “Ararich” charitable foundation, an event headed under the title “Painter, draw Artsakh” was organized in Gandzasar. Among those present at the event were representatives of the teaching staffof the University, headed by the Rector Never Michaelyan, Karen Sargsyan,  Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh,  Eleonora Avanesyan, Member of the National Assembly, Karmen Aslanyan, President of Artsakh Reserve Forces Officers’ Union wounded Artsakh” was the motto given by Arevik Harutyunyan, Deputy Rector for work with students of the University..

“The purpose of the event was for each field representative, regardless of occupation, to take up a paintbrush and create the Artsakh of his or her dreams while also bringing life back to our

Representatives of the older and younger generations were involved in the painting master class. The event was accompanied by national song and dance, music and traditional national games, as well as a master class of the most famous dish of Artsakh cuisine – zhengyal bread and an entertainment.

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