Today, on June 5, students of the Department of Fashion Design and Modeling of SHUT demonstrated their final works under the names “Capital”, “Mystery”, “Bloom”, “Black and white”, “Elegant”, “Emily”, “Zovq”.

The collections of seven undergraduate students were presented, which reflected the knowledge acquired in the learning process by future fashion designers, skills of working with various fabrics, style features. “One of the most important manifestations of the material culture of any nation is the national dress – Taraz. Studying and being inspired by our traditional ornaments, I created a collection called “The Capital”. I think we should preserve and develop everything that has been created for centuries”, – said student Mary Suleimanyan.

At the end of the show, the head of the Department of Fashion Design and Modeling Yuri Hovhannisyan thanked the lecturers and students for the work done and noted: “We are seeing you off to a new life, we are glad that you have become professionals, and at the same time we are sad to say goodbye. We hope to see you in the framework of art”.

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