Scientific readings were held at Shushi University of Technology on November 18 dedicated to Student International Day.  The event was organized by university Student Scientific Council along with the students and academic staff. The Rector, teaching staff and students were present at the event.   

Chairman of SSC of the university Zaven Baghiryan and Vice Rector of Academic Affairs Rose Avagyan welcomed the guests by underlining the importance of such events which supported regular meeting and share of thoughts of young specialists and experts.

Congratulating the students on International Student Day R. Avagyan highlighted the role of students in the development of civic society: «The role of youth and especially the students is very great in the development of civic society and the establishment of state system. The young people with strong knowledge provide the progress of the society»- R. Avagyan noted.

Chairman of SSC of the university Zaven Baghiryan touching upon the aim of the event, had noted: «The purpose of the event is to develop the academic potential of the students. The participants were chosen by free volunteer choice both from baccalaureate and master student and from full and half part learning. The students reported on various topics among which on economic security, clothing design and tuberculosis prevention».

At the end of the readings all the participants got certificate of participation.  

News department of Shushi University of Technology

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