Today, on September 11, Shushi University of Technology elected a new president of the student council. The only candidate was Mari Abrahamyan, a 2nd-year student of the “Design” specialty of the University’s Faculty of Architecture and Construction.

The election of the president of the student council was held by closed voting, in which 25 students participated. With the ratio of 22 votes for, 2 against, and 1 abstention, Mari Abrahamyan was elected as the president of the student council of SHUT. She presented her plan for the 2023-2024 academic year to the council. “In this difficult period of Artsakh, I cannot give you promises, but I am intended to create an unforgettable academic year together with you for us, blockaded students. Many intellectual games, artistic evenings, painting, creative competitions, etc. should be organized. The student council is the driving force of the university. Together, we should strive to make the life of SHUT better, more interesting and more thoughtful”, said M. Abrahamyan.

Mari Abrahamyan then answered the questions of the attendees.

Arevik Harutyunyan, the deputy rector for relations with students, graduates and the public, noted that the university has always shone with its student council under the leadership of the president of the university. She also called on the first-year students to actively participate in all events organized by the student council in the future. “SHUT is a family. The university’s student council is different from all other councils. You should consider yourself in your family. We are not saying here that it is difficult. If there is a problem that we have to solve, then we should do it perfectly, we should not delay, because we do not have the right to do so,” added A. Harutyunyan. After the election of the new president of the student council, the rector of the SHUT Nver Mikayelyan and the vice-rector for academic affairs Roza Avagyan congratulated Mari Abrahamyan and thanked the former president of the student council Olesya Sahakyan for her work.

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