Moscow Academic Economic Forum (MAEF) started on May 16th at Moscow Aviation University (National Research University) of the Russian Federation. Shushi University of Technology was also invited to participate in.

Students of Shushi University of Technology participated online in the 3rd Youth Conference entitled “Socio-economic development of Russia: Adaptation to new reality”. The first-year master student and the second-year master student of the specialty of “Agribusiness” of the Faculty of Agriculture Yulia Alahverdyan and Gor Arushanyan presented their topic on «State innovative policy in agricultural production” and the second year bachelor student of the same specialty Gevorg Isakhanyan presented his topic on «Economic aspects of creating smart farms».

Chair of Moscow Aviation University, Doctor of Economics, Professor Roman Golov welcomed all the participants and thanked them for participating in the Moscow Academic Economic Forum.

News department of Shushi University of Technology

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