Today, on May 16, a lesson on the topic “Furiousness” was organized in SHUT with the  students of the specialty “Veterinary Medicine” of the Faculty of Agriculture. “Taking into account the spread of signs of furiousness among people in recent years, we considered it appropriate to inform students and lecturers about how to avoid and prevent the disease,” said Radmila Sargsyan, lecturer of the Department of Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine and Mechanization of Agriculture, veterinary serologist of the Republican Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine and Food Examination, at the opening of the event. Showing slides and videos related to the topic, Tigran Gabrielyan, a 2nd-year bachelor’s degree student in Veterinary Medicine, presented the symptoms and consequences of the disease,spoke about the diagnosis, development, prevention, mechanisms of transmission of the furiousness virus and measures to combat it. News department of SHUT

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