The Student Council of Shushi University of Technology initiated a program entitled “Student week” on the eve of Student International Day within the framework of which inter – university competitions had been organized. They passed by two tournaments – chess and volleyball.  Signifying the tournaments of such kinds of sports and games as an important factor in students’ mental and logical development, the lecturer of the Chair of the Humanities Arnodik Arzangulyan had noted: “Such tournaments require  healthy competition and not only physical but also intellectual potential which is very important in the sphere of education”.

College students of different courses also participated in the chess tournament. 

The game competition passed by three stages with nominative rounds as a result of which the first, second and third lines were won by university students Areg Badasyan, Masis Vardanyan and Sergey Khachaturyan. 

Volleyball tournament was inter-faculty which 2 teams of each faculty took part in. 4 teams had passed the final stage. The first honorable place was won by the second team of the first year “Accounting and audit”, the second place was won by the first team of the first year “Accounting and audit” and the third place was won by the second team of the first year “Civic cadaster”.

The winners were awarded with medals, gratitude letters and presents by the Chairman of SC of the university Olesya Sahakyan. 

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